Photo by Randy Parsons

Nathaniel Burnett has been operating as a sole proprietor in the website business since January 1, 2006. Starting August 2011 Nathaniel registered the fictitious business name "My Developer" and will continue to offer quality web services to his current client base and all future clients.

"The business started out small from the cash in my back pocket and a graduation present." (An old desktop computer). Nathaniel Burnett offered basic web master services such as updating content and images for the Los Gatos Lodge, one of his first clients. The skills and services offered by My Developer have grown exponentially since the beginning. Now My Developer specializes in content management systems, especially Drupal, along with intense custom programming with a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery and Javascript to provide clients with a dynamic robust website at the center of their web presence. My Developer uses the latest software and tools that the industry has to offer. The success of the business depends on long term relationships with clients who require the programming services described above. My Developer also offers these skills and services to businesses and individuals on a per contract basis.

My Developer works with trusted graphic designers to compliment the web development process. A variety of websites and example projects can be found throughout the website at http://mydeveloper.co/.